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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Blog Name: \0X0/
Blog Owner: Dusty Road

One mans search for radical Christianity.

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keyan--->The yore the present the futurity

Blog Name: keyan--->The yore the present the futurity
Blog Owner: Karthik.K.N

Its about wht my mind feels..sayss..adores and short my idea is thrown out..check it out

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Feelings Actually

Blog Name: Feelings Actually
Blog Owner: Piyush Gupta

I write only when am in high stress situation and try composing the best I can. Most of the blogs relates to my general understanding of the thing. Am trying hard to get into some philosophy, discussion oriented blogs now.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Talking Tactics

Blog Name: Talking Tactics
Blog Owner: Dr. Steve Wooding

A space on the web for discussing all things communication - interpersonal and intrapersonal, based on Steve Wooding's 'Talking Tactics' coaching, training & consultancy.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Common man from India

Blog Name: A Common man from India
Blog Owner: Himanshu Sharma

Simple thoughts of an Indian.

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Blog Name: Saugaat
Blog Owner: Megha

Collection of creativity ,my poems.

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Scribblings of a Maniac

Blog Name: Scribblings of a Maniac
Blog Owner: Aswin

Da place to lose urself...

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Blog Name: W A T E V E R
Blog Owner: Biju

musings, writing, etcetera

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Friday, March 17, 2006

The Noiz Begins

Blog Name: The Noiz Begins
Blog Owner: noiz

A Christian blog. A personal blog. An attempt to make a noise for Jesus.

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.: Sabarish :.

Blog Name: .: Sabarish :.
Blog Owner: Sabarish

A peek into my life and a place to read my thoughts.

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Pleasures of Life

Blog Name: Pleasures of Life
Blog Owner: Sridhar Reddy

my joys, my sorrows, my idiosyncracies..

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life Begins Everyday

Blog Name: Life Begins Everyday
Blog Owner: Himanshu

Me and my'crazy erratic'self, with an ever wandering, rambling soul....composing entirely what my infatuated mind perceives!! This traverse has just started and the exploration will never terminate.Simply, this blog is more like a journal, nothing too personal, nothing too complicated! I write everything and anything I feel like that is reasonably close to ME and My machine...

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Science Blog

Blog Name: Science Blog
Blog Owner: Ben Sullivan et al.

Science Blog was started in August 2002 by Ben Sullivan and is published by a team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts. It includes public news releases from labs and researchers, original stories and interviews, and reader blogs. Science Blog encompasses subjects ranging from Computers & Electronics to Bioscience & Medicine. It is read by a few hundred thousand unique visitors each month. Feedback is always welcome and we encourage you to get involved through your own blog by registering today.

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Software Quality

Blog Name: Software Quality
Blog Owner: Ronny De Winter

Share, improve, learn, co-operate on topics related to software quality assurance.

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Mainframe Blog

Blog Name: Mainframe Blog
Blog Owner: Multiple Authors

A collection of opinions from engineers, developers, programmers, users and influencers who share a passion for the past and future of mainframe computing.

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Security | Computer World Blogs

Blog Name: Security | Computer World Blogs
Blog Owner: Computer World

A good blog on computer security and a must visit for hackers. This blog contains the latest happenings in the field of computer security.

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Development | Computer World Blogs

Blog Name: Development | Computer World Blogs
Blog Owner: Computer World

A good blog on software development in all platforms. This blog contains the latest happenings in the field of software development.

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My Dhaba

Blog Name: My Dhaba
Blog Owner: VK Narayanan

A rendezvous to relish the flavor of traditional Indian home cooking.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hack Diary

Blog Name: Hack Diary
Blog Owner: Matt Biddulph

I'm based in London, although I'm travelling at the moment. I'm a freelance software designer and creative technologist; contact me if you are interested in working together. I used to work at the BBC, in Radio and Music Interactive, where I was leader of the software architecture team, aka Head of Plugging Things Into Other Things. We made good things.

I like open source software, open data, music and radio, mobile and wireless, Unix, distributed computing and messaging, REST, hardware hacking, PVRs, iPods, python, ruby, rails, massive media, digital photography, RDF, semi-structured content and corpus analysis, finding patterns in information, the internet, laptops, video, xhtml and css, Debian, Macs, conferences, snowboarding and all kinds of other stuff.

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Google Videos - India

Blog Name: Google Videos - India
Blog Owner: Ritesh, BD

Unofficial blog showcasing interesting Indian videos from Google Video.

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In search of life.........

Blog Name: In search of life.........
Blog Owner: Sukasi aka JAGS

I love to be in warm company... though sometimes i do crave absolute solitude... am COMFORTABLE both ways, in crowds and on my own... but i do need SOMEONE to share everything i FEEL inside totally UNEDITED.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Blue Mind

Blog Name: The Blue Mind
Blog Owner: Sofy

A place where i write down all my thoughts and emotions usually in a very abstract and maybe in a little poetically way.

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Contemporary Me

Blog Name: Contemporary Me
Blog Owner: krishvijay

Permutations and combinations of words can make ripples

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Fresh Blog

Blog Name: Fresh Blog
Blog Owner: jrfj44

Blogger Hacks: Categories for Blogger and other Blog Tips, Tricks & Tools. This blog contains a good collection of various hacks through which you can enable various good features in blogger through some amount of HTML and JavaScript.

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Planet Sataract

Blog Name: Planet Sataract
Blog Owner: Sataract

Well this is me....................real life I may be a freak with no responsibilty but when it comes to poetry,the one area apart from my exams in which I dont swear,I am what I am what I am......that's right,Sataract uncut!!!

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Blog Name: Reincarnation
Blog Owner: Manu

its most what i like about life ...and some i hate ...some originals ..some excerpts from articles !

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Lingo of my inner voice

Blog Name: Lingo of my inner vocie
Blog Owner: Raheel Lakhani

The enigmatic deep expressions of my blog are like delicious chocolate icing on the cake... every fiber of my being tastes as bitter as Dark Cold Coffee. Now my feelings are in words; dealing with the issues from within: projecting the lonely side of me. Reflecting my outlook on society as an unblurred image. I am melting in this rain to soothe my pain. Briefly, Its all about me and my mindsets.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

An Engineering Student's Blog

Blog Name: An Engineering student's blog
Blog Owner: abin

It's an engineering student's blog on various issues.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Blog Name: Migukin
Blog Owner: Shelton Bumgarner

Migukin is about expat life in Korea from an American writer's point of view. It tends to be wry. It often covers fun things to do in Korea and beyond.

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Blog Name: Rahulogy
Blog Owner: Rahul Guhathakurta

This is an applied philosophy of Rahul Guhathakurta that contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. The subject matter of Rahulogy is all about searching humor in wierd part of lives. It contains practical means through which predictable improvement can be obtained in any area to which it is applied.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

My Life

Blog Name: My Life
Blog Owner: Yash Gupta

Its a diary that I have made public. These are my thoughts about my life and the people and situations around me.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

LApstrEz BLoG

Blog Name: LApstrEz BLoG
Blog Owner: LApstrE

A blog started intially as a personal diary, Now running articles on everything ranging from Visual Studio to Chennai floods.also A weekly news column reporting and providing information and links about IT happenings and technology all around chennai, with Lapstre's characteristic viewpoint.

In Short : The blog of an ordinary Geek...

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Evolving Consciousness

Blog Name: Evolving Consciousness
Blog Owner: Eswar

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A Tyro in Corporate World

Blog Name: A Tyro in Corporate World
Blog Owner: satish

it's all abt satish!

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The Fun Portal

Blog Name: The Fun Portal
Blog Owner: Yash Gupta

Everything from movies, music, games, cartoons, tv shows to jokes and funny anecdotes and stuff that you do for timepass...

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Matrix Chronicle

Blog Name: Matrix Chronicle
Blog Owner: Vijay Bhaskar

Trunt - Innovation - Dedication - A reverse engineers blog. Matrix Chronicle, as the name suggests is a chronicle of events ocurring in my life and the cyberworld around me. I mostly blog on technology at this place. I also discuss about the various applications I develop in this blog. Please leave comments about any suggestions or problems.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

NewsBits V1.0

Blog Name: NewsBits V1.0
Blog Owner: Vijay Bhaskar

NewsBits V1.0 is the first version of the News-Bits blog, which will display the top news stories each day. I will be adding more functionality, such as submitting news stories for this web-log soon.

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  • I'm Vijay
  • From Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Hi there? I am a fun loving guy who is a great fan of Music and Science. I have been blogging since 10/05, hope you like my blogs!
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