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What exactly is the Blog Directory?

An idea came to my mind that why not have a blog which in itself is a blog directory? So using the blogger API, I developed a service where you can submit your own blog with various info about the the blog. So why late? You can go and submit your blog at http://myjavaserver.com/~tomorrowist/addBlog.html.
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Ambigram Artwork

Blog Name: Ambigram Artwork
Blog Owner: Roopak Suri

What you are going to embark upon is a work of art, mystery and illusions. And all this is done by hand, pen and a paper. This is the world of Ambigrams. An ambigram is a word written in such a way that it is legible both rightside-up and upside-down. Ambigrams are an ancient artform and play heavily into the mysteries of bestseller Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. In this blog, you will come to know me inside out through ambigram artwork.

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